Our full grooming prices vary according to breed but include all of the following:

 • Massaging bath using only the finest, natural shampoos and condtioners

• Brushing out and removing all undercoat and knots 
*Please note that every dog has some undercoat or knots, however, in cases where it is excessive, an extra charge may apply for labor time.  In this event, the owner will be notified prior to work being done to discuss options and the most cost effective solution.

• Nail Trimming

• Ear Cleaning

• Private areas trimmed

• Pads Shaved

• Any haircut or style as per owners instruction


For those of you with long haired dogs who do not want a haircut every time, we offer the following:

• Bath and brush out only

• "Neaten Up" which includes bath, brush out, nails, privates and face trim

• Brush out only

​Prices are according to breed.

​Extra Services

• Teeth Brushing                                                                      $4.00
• Expressing anal glands                                                         $12.00
• Flea and Tick treatment                                    (size of dog)$15-25
• Deskunk Bath                                                                      $15.00
•Deshedding treatment                                                          $10.00
• Oatmeal or Medicated Bath                                                   $5.00
• Nail Filing                                                                             $5.00
• Nails Painted                                                                       $10.00
• Hair Dye                                                                        Prices vary