Do you have discounts for multiple dogs?

No, we do not.  We have an open door policy all day.  We want your dog to have an enjoyable experience here, which includes them getting home to their families as soon as possible.  As soon as your dog is ready we call you and you are welcome to come pick them up at any time.

I don't want my dog shaved, can't you get the knots out?

​YES, we require Rabies and Distemper vaccines and strongly recommend Bordatella.  No exceptions will be made, this is for the safety of your pet, the other pets in the shop, and our employees.

We actually do not allow the owners to stay with their pets.  We find that the dogs are much more cooperative and calm that way.  Otherwise they are struggling to get away from us and over to you.  They can also be possessive when their owners are around, making it more difficult.  However, there are cases where a dog is so difficult we may need the owners help.  If this is so, we will ask you to please join us the next time for the appointment.  

Can I stay with my dog?
​How long does grooming take?

We do not discount for multiple dogs, however we do discount for frequency.  Customers coming in frequently on a schedule(every 3 or 4 weeks) will receive discounts.

Do you have designated pick up and drop off times?

It depends.  If the majority of the dog's body is covered in matts, and the dog does not tolerate being demmated, then we would highly recommend taking the hair short and starting fresh.  Dematting the dog can be painful, dangerous, and discourage dogs from liking the grooming process in general.  In our shop, the animal comes first, even secondary to their owners.  We will not torture an animal to make anyone happy.  Sorry, but if we work together, and if you trust us, your dog can ultimately end up with the look you want and we will help you maintain it that way.

Does my pet need to be vaccinated to be groomed?

​Frequently asked questions

We usually ask for 2-3 hours, however, most of our customers know it rarely takes this long.  We ask for that time in case the dog does not like the dryer, or in case we need to give him or her breaks.  We call you as soon as we are finished.